Mission and Goals

Mission: Dividends for America is a national coalition of individuals and organizations advocating for the return of carbon price revenues back to households.

The goals of Dividends for America are:

  • to build a bi-partisan, diverse coalition to advocate for dividends as the primary use of carbon price revenues
  • to educate the public about the benefits of the creation of a national carbon price with the following characteristics:
    • assessment of the carbon price on upstream companies that produce or import fossil fuels into the economy
    • returning a majority of funds raised back to households, citizens, consumers as a dividend
    • delivering the dividend off-bill and separate from the tax system
    • a simple system with minimal loopholes or “offsets”

The activities of Dividends for America are to:

  • coordinate among dividend supporters by providing communications, strategies, and resources
  • conduct an outreach campaign to expand the pro-dividend coalition to distinct audiences including the public, decision makers, and the media
  • raise funds to implement the above activities