Individuals and groups can get involved with Dividends for America in several ways.

By signing this petition, you become an endorsing individual or endorsing organization

See endorsers here:

List coming soon...


Partnering organizations have not signed the petition, but have given verbal or written permission to list their names as partners in supporting dividends as part of a carbon pricing policy, along with one sentence describing their particular policy towards dividends. All partners can be said to be "dividend supporters" although they have decided not to officially endorse the Dividends for America position promoting a "majority of revenues from a carbon price for dividends" at this time.

See partners here:

List coming soon...

AARP letter to Sen. Cantwell in support of dividends (example, have not given permission to list on this site yet)

Consumer's Union (publisher of Consumer Reports), letter to California Air Resources Board (example, have not given permission to list on this site yet)





Dividends for America
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